I have been doing genealogy since 1979, and some of these years has been as a full time genealogist. I have completed genealogy courses at The University College at Volda and I'm also a "source registrator". At the moment I'm working with my own ancestors when I have the opportunity, otherwise I'm doing a lot of research with other people's ancestors in my work at "The Regional State Archives in Oslo".

Source references are fundamental in my work as a genealogist. This is because the references are the closest proof that a person belongs to my family (or others family) (even though the "evidence" of course, may be incorrect, as for example when the incorrect father of a child is enrolled in a primary source). This is by the way the case with my dad, that wrong biological father is written into every primary source.

I may for that reason have come to a different conclusion about who a person was than other genealogists have concluded (as local genealogy/farm books, other genealogy books, genealogy sites etc.). That also means that it may be missing some people from my forefathers / foremothers in relation to other family trees around (by peoples who have been doing searching on the same family), because I'm have not (yet) found evidence of kinship in the reviewed primary sources.

All personal data related my ancestors mention in the familiytrees on this website (except grandma's relationship to Værnes-people who are confirmed by DNA test), I have found in primary sources as church records, probare records, real estate registers etc. Previously this archivematerial was on rolls of film, but now you can find all this sources on the website to "The National Archives Of Norway": http://www.arkivverket.no/arkivverket/Digitalarkivet

For more detailed references, please contact me at: http://www.anetreet.net / 100223547

Source references other than the above is written directly under the individual's personal information.