About me ...

I was born in Oslo, Norway in 1965 and moved to Lørenskog, Akershus county when I was one month old. I lived there until I was around 20. I became a 'horsegirl' when I was 9 years old and bought my own horse when I was 16. I started to play soccer when I was about 10 years old and played soccer many years in Lørenskog IF, from the beginning of the first girls team in the club. Car accidents, and injuries from this, have unfortunately compelled me to put away my soccer boots for good.

* After elementary school, I went one year at a college of commerce and later on agricultural school, but I quit the studies one year before I was done agronomist. After a few years of working, I completed high school. I have afterwards taken examen philosophicum at the University of Oslo and Genealogical Studies at the University College in Volda. My plan is that I sometime in the future shall get a bachelor's degree in history.

* After I moved from Lørenskog, I have lived in several places before I landed here in Groruddalen in Oslo. Over the years I have also worked with a lot of variety, among others with racetrack horses (trotting) and as a 'stableboss', until I ended up in my current job in the Regional State Archives in Oslo. A great deal of my work is genealogy requests, primarily related requests, in addition to scanning and indexing of various sources, including church records from the counties Oslo, Akershus and Østfold. This material is published on the National Archives of Norway's website: http://www.arkivverket.no/arkivverket/Digitalarkivet

* I love animals and I have almost always had animals around me - horses, dogs, rabbits, cats and birds.

* I also love the Norwegian nature and I have travelled all around Norway many times. I also love hiking in the woods but prefer hiking in the mountains when the opportunity arises. I also enjoy travelling to other countries, to places that are not crowded by other tourists.

* I'm a musician, vocalist, and the man in my life is also a musician, a bassplayer. He is by the way a great-grandchild of Karl Uchermann (1855-1940), Norwgian artist and inventor - one of his inventions was the franking machine.

* I have always been interested in genealogy and has, as previously mentioned, also Genealogical Studies from the Univerity Collage in Volda. However, there are specially family history that interests me most, and in that regard, I have also "plowed" through a lot of archive material around Norway's many archives. From these archives I have obtained much related material that hopefully sometime in the future will be to books.

* In addition, I have transcribed many old sources from Norway to searchable databases, especially from my specialist area, Ytterøy parish (the parishes Ytterøy, Mosvik and Verran) in Nord-Trøndelag, county. My work includes church records, census/electoral register, probate registers, military rolls etc., I have done transcribations work  both in directing by DIS-Norway and in the directing by myself. All my work are in searchable databases on the Digiatalarkivet /Digital Archives in Norway): http://arkivverket.no/eng/content/view/full/629

* I have also my own 'room' where my transcribed work is (when I have done my own directing) in the Digital Archives: http://digitalarkivet.uib.no/cgi-win/WebMeta.exe?slag=vispensjonat&pensjonat=vernes&pensjonatnr=137

* I'm a part of the local history project for Ytterøy.
* I have previously been a part of DIS-Norways Church Book Registration Project.
* I'm a member of various genealogy societies and historical societies: Ytterøy historical society, Mosvik historical society, Veldre historical society, Ringsaker historical society, South-Østerdal genealogy historical society, Sør-Fron genealogy historical society, Strinda historical society, DIS-Oslo/Akershus, DIS-Norway, Norwegian genealogical society etc.